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Cloud Render API

If you are interested to use it on production, please contact anton at You will need to have "Enterprise plan" to call this API.

API for automated image generation

With Polotno Server API you can generate images from JSON data. You can use it to generate image variations on bulk without making your own backend infrastructure.

How it looks like?

const req = await fetch('', {
method: 'POST',
headers: {
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
body: JSON.stringify({
// polotno json from store.toJSON()
design: json,
// optional output format for export
outputFormat: 'dataURL',
// optional export options for store.toDataURL() method
exportOptions: {},

const { url } = await req.json();

document.getElementById('image').src = url;




design - JSON data from polotno export store.toJSON(). Remember that you can generate such JSON on the fly on your backend. For example replace text on some elements dynamically.


outputFormat - defines response format. Possible values are: dataURL (default), url and file.

If you use dataURL or url, API will return json { url: '...' } where url is the generated image url.

file format will return file buffer. You can save it directly on the backend.

Note: Cloud API has 5mb limit for its payload!. So it will be not able to return large data in dataURL or file format. You can use url format instead.

Images generated using url format has expiration time of 24 hour. After that time, access to the file is not guaranteed. If you want to keep file, please save it on your backend.


File format of generated result. Possible values are: png (default), jpeg, pdf.


Additional options to pass into export function. For more details see store.toDataURL() and store.toPDFDataURL().