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Utils API

When building custom side panel you can use any React components you want. You can define your own from scratch.

But there is a very common use case to show a grid of the previews in the side panel. It can be preview of images, templates or other elements. For such scenario you can use <ImagesGrid /> component.

How to use <ImagesGrid /> component?

<ImagesGrid /> is a React component that:

  • Displays an array of any items as images
  • Supports infinite scrolling API
  • Supports drag&drop from side panel into canvas
import { ImagesGrid } from 'polotno/side-panel/images-grid';

// pass an array of items that have any image information
images={[{ url: 'example.png' }, { url: 'example.png' }]}
// a function to get image URL from an item of the array
getPreview={(item) => item.url}
// this function will be called when user is clicked on image or dragged it into canvas
onSelect={async (image, pos, element, event) => {
// image - an item from your array
// pos - relative mouse position on drop. undefined if user just clicked on image
// element - model from your store if images was dropped on an element.
// Can be useful if you want to change some props on existing element instead of creating a new one
// event - will have additional data such as
// elements - list of all elements under the mouse
// page - page where user dropped the image
const width = 100;
const height = 100;

const x = (pos?.x || store.width / 2) - width / 2;
const y = (pos?.y || store.height / 2) - height / 2;
type: 'image',
src: image.url,
// should we show a loading indicator at the end of the grid?
// load more will be called when user scrolled to the bottom of the list
// you can request new data from your API there.
// pass false if more data is not available
loadMore={() => {}}
// optional show special component at the bottom of every image element
getCredit={(image) => <span>Photo by Anton</span>}
// how many columns do we need? It actually should be called "columnsNumber"
// we will rename it later
// optionally pass crossOrigin param for images
// optionally pass height size of the image, by default it is "auto"
// if "error" is not falsy, grid will display an error message

How to use useInfiniteAPI hook?

It is a common scenario to request some API to display a list of images in the side panel grid. You can use any React tools here. You can use fetch methods inside hooks, you can use any library for that. But also you can use useInfiniteAPI hook from Polotno. useInfiniteAPI hooks is just a wrapper around swr library.

import { useInfiniteAPI } from 'polotno/utils/use-api';

export const SidePanel = () => {
const { data, isLoading, loadMore, isReachingEnd, hasMore, reset, error } = useInfiniteAPI({
// a function that will return a URL to request
getAPI: ({ page, query }) => `${page}&query=${query}`,
// default search query for the first call call
defaultQuery = '',
// timeout before making a new call when you change search query, useful for debouncing
timeout = 500,
// a function that should return number of pages available from the first API response
// usually API response has a "totalPages", "size" or other field that tells you how many pages are available
getSize = (firstResult) => firstResult.total_pages,
// a function to make an API request
// here is example of default fetch function
// you can customize it to add for example headers
fetchFunc = (url) => fetch(url).then((r) => r.json()),

// data - is an array of responses from the API
// each item in the array corresponds to a page

// loadMore - function to be called when you want to request for more data
// ImagesGrid will use it when you scrape the bottom of the list

// isReachingEnd - true if you are at the end of the list

// hasMore - true if you can request for more data
// reset - function to be called when you want to reset the list
// error - error object if something went wrong

How to drop elements from side panel into workspace?

If you don't want to use <ImagesGrid /> component, you have to implement drop&drop of DOM elements by yourself. However polotno has some tools to listen to drop event on the workspace. You can use this:

import { unstable_registerNextDomDrop } from 'polotno/config';

// then in your components inside side panel you can do something like this:
onDragStart={() => {
registerNextDomDrop((pos, element) => {
// "pos" - is relative mouse position of drop
// "element" - is element from your store in case when DOM object is dropped on another element

// you can just create new element on drop position
// or you can update existing element
// for example we can drop image from side panel into existing 'image' element in the workspace
if (element && element.type === 'image') {
// you can update any property you want, src, clipSrc, border, etc
element.set({ src: url });
// or we can just create a new element
type: 'image',
src: url,
x: pos.x,
y: pos.y,
width: 100,
height: 100,
onDragEnd={() => {