Saving custom data into a design

How to save additional metadata into a design?

In some use cases, you may want to save your own data into the store/page/element. You may want to save:

  • Name of the design

  • Design id

  • Custom page properties

  • Element metadata

For such use cases, you can use custom attribute. It is available for all nodes in the store: the store itself, any page, any element.

// set custom data
  custom: {
    // optionally, keep previous custom data
    // save new data
    price: 10

// read custom data
// notice that by default element.custom will be null
const price = element.custom?.price;

// also you can save metadata into a page
  custom: {
    reference: 'sample'
// or into store
  custom: {
    productId: 'some-id'

custom must be an object {}. You can write any data into that object. Polotno never uses it for rendering, so it is under your control. By default, custom will be null, this is why when you read some data in custom, make sure it is defined.

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