Page bleed

In printing, bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed.

Polotno has native support for bleed. Every page has it own bleed property. By default bleeds are not visible on the workspace and export. Also bleed doesn't affect inner part of the page. To show bleed on the canvas you can do this:

store.activePage.set({ bleed: 20 }); // set bleed in pixels

// show bleed area on the <Workspace />

The canvas will have special space around the page:

To include bleed in the export you can do this:

store.saveAsImage({ includeBleed: true });
store.saveAsPDF({ includeBleed: true });

Now let's make a quick demo. I created special top bar to control bleed of the page, toggle its visibility and export with bleed included.

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News, updates and promos – be the first to get 'em